October 25, 2021

‘Going for regular checkup is important for detecting one’s health status’


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Evelyn Okolie Okoloh

Evelyn Okolie Okoloh is a health and wellness coach who loves caring for people and helping them deal with health challenges. Formerly a banker, she is now the CEO of Eves Kitchen, an outfit that provides healthy meals and drinks as well as healthy solutions to the needs of people with lifestyle health problems.

On why she left banking for what she is doing today, the Geology graduate informed that she lost her job due to the shaking of the banking industry.
“I was doing my job diligently when I lost it in 2013 after working for 10 years. Prior to that, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 while pregnant with my twin boys. That same year, I travelled outside the country with one of my twin boys who had to undergo surgery. So, that gave me time to think of what was next for me. I did my treatment and was declared cancer-free, but to my amazement, it came back with aggressive pains two months after. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. So, I consulted my doctors in Nigeria and was asked to go for surgery.”

She continued: “I felt reluctant to go abroad for surgery and resorted to prayers, believing God for a miracle. Somehow, God sent my daughter’s lesson teacher who came into my room one day after my child had told her about my condition. She was shocked and told me she had a friend that had cancer and informed me about Hallelujah diet by a Christian Ministry in the United States known as Hallelujah Acres. I researched on the Internet and discovered that it is a ministry that teaches people how to live a healthy lifestyle. I sent an email to reverend Malkmus and was connected to their agent in Abuja, who instructed me on what to do and followed me up on phone.

“I took 10 to 12 different fruits daily. I was on fruit and vegetable diet for a month but noticed positive changes in my body after two weeks. Even my husband was amazed at the transformation. The dark areas on my breast and neck brightened and my complexion came back to its normal form. By the time I met my doctors who thought I had gone for surgery, they were shocked when they examined me because I didn’t go for surgery but followed that health procedure.

“Right then, I picked interest and started making fruits for family and friends. People started calling me in and outside the country to help them with recipes for their health challenges, and the rest is history. I have been doing this business for some years now but went into full operation last year. I’ve done courses in healthy living and still learning because there is no end to learning new things and improving on oneself. Eves Kitchen major aim is to bring healthy alternative to homes. I feel honoured to help and put a smile on people faces through the services I render. I help people to manage and reverse health lifestyle diseases. My clients are those that want to live healthy lifestyle and people suffering from lifestyle health diseases. I offer delivery services for people that want my products.”

From time to time, I give healthy tips on social media and go to churches and other places to give health talks. Five years from now, I intend to own Eve’s Kitchen lifestyle centre with a gym, colonic irrigation section, training centre, kitchen and consultancy services all in one place to meet the needs of client who are going through one health challenge or the other.

I urge people to embrace a healthy lifestyle because what we eat will affect our health. I also advise parents to take their daughters for cervical cancer screening and take injection for prevention. My daughter has taken cervical cancer injection. Going for regular checkup is important because it will help the person to know what is wrong. I encourage people also to read and research because knowledge is power,’ Okoloh advised. (Source: Guardian Nigeria)


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