October 25, 2021

The Key to Healthy Eating


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Good eating affects the way you feel, determines how much energy you have, and how fit you can be. This may be the reason many people around the world are increasingly getting involved in healthy eating routines. Reasons for the new interest in fitness and healthy eating range from loss of weight to health considerations.

To match the growing interest in weight loss and fitness, many solutions have been offered on social media on what and what not to eat to maintain a particular size. While many of these therapies could be helpful, they often times emphasize the exclusion of major food groups imagined to be the sole causes of weight gain.

Many of the responses also preach total omission of certain meals to avoid weight gain. Contrary to these ideas, all foods eaten in excess constitute bad eating and invariably leads to weight gain. The healthiest meal plans most likely to aid in weight loss and improve physical fitness should include all the food groups in moderation, it should also allow for enjoyment of all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks between the meals.

Knowing when to eat too is a big plus in achieving desired body size. Ada Igwe, a nutritionist, lays emphasis on appropriate meal times. “The tinniest wrong timing can make the calories add up and lead to weight gain” says Ada Igwe. Different healthy foods eaten at particular times could be unhealthy; some of these foods include: banana, apple, yogurt, potato, tomato, rice, nuts to mention a few. Banana strengthens immune system and improves the skin when taken in the morning; same banana taken late in the day may lead to mucus formation and impair digestion. Apple which contains pectin lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels when taken in the morning, same pectin is hard to digest at night and increases stomach acid

Yogurt, which is said to be very healthy diary and a great snack for weight loss, aids digestion and curbs late night craving but when taken in the morning on an empty stomach can change the stomach lining. Potato, rich in starch and minerals lowers cholesterol but leads to weight gain when taken at night. Tomatoes improve digestion and increase metabolism when taken in the morning. The pectin and oxacillin acid in tomatoes may cause stomach swelling if taken for dinner.

Rice a Nigerian staple food, contains a lot of carbohydrate and supplies the body with energy for the whole day when had for lunch but can also lead to weight gain when taken for dinner. Nuts lower the risk of blood pressure and keep the heart healthy, it can be taken for snack because of the high fat and calories, having it at dinner however may lead to weight gain.

Every food regardless of its health benefits has adverse effects when eaten at the wrong time. Every food said to be healthy has negative effects when eaten at the wrong time. All foods and all meals are important for a healthy lifestyle. Eating all foods in moderation at the right time is the key to healthy living and the key to the new, slim, fit, you!



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