November 27, 2021

WhatsApp Now Lets You Tag Friends In Group Chat


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WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows users to tag other users in group chats so they receive a notification.

The new feature will alert users to the message even if they’ve muted a conversation.

The feature is available for Android and iOS software but can’t be accessed on desktop app.

The feature is similar to the tagging feature we see in Facebook. To tag someone in a group chats, simply enter the @, followed by the name of the group member. User can choose a contact from the menu that shows up and also tag multiple contacts in a single message. The pop up box includes even those contacts which aren’t saved in your phonebook but are part of the group.

The app has also expanded group sizes from 100 up to 256 participants, which makes the ‘@’ message function vital for ensuring your message gets seen by the right person.

WhatsApp is the most popular chat apps used today with over one billion users worldwide. Reason for its continued popularity is the frequent updates and features which it keeps rolling out.

The Facebook-owned company has been expanding other chat features recently. Users can now quote messages in a group chat to make it clear which message they’re responding to. When a message appears in a conversation, a reply button should appear at the top of the screen. Tap the arrow, and the quoted message will pop up as a preview on top of the text entry box. Then you can add your reply and send it off like a normal WhatsApp message.


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